The future of Euro-American civilization lies within its children, for they are the ones who must bear all our hopes, dreams, and civilization toward the frontiers of Tomorrowthey who must build the mighty towers of cities yet unborn, probe the darkest depths of mysteries yet unsolved, explore the farthest reaches of galaxies yet unknown.

Yet, that tomorrow may never come.

For the future of Euro-Americans and their children grows bleaker by the day, as more and more Third World immigrants continue to flood into our country in unprecedented numbers.

By the year 2050, white Americans will be outnumbered by both native non-whites and immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As Euro-Americans fall into minority status, our nation’s traditional Anglo-Saxon culture will erode beyond redemption. As it stands, Spanish, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Swahili, Arabic, and other alien languages will eventually replace English in major regions of our country as non-whites continue to seize racial, political, and cultural control of our society. Our cities, even now urban battlefields of crime, drugs, and poverty, will ultimately become unimaginable nightmares in which no white could live or survive. For this is the dark future that America’s multiculturalist leaders wantat any cost.

And yetit doesn’t have to be.

America can yet be saved from this fate. That is, it can be saved if enough white Americans can be awakened in time. That is why this website was created, as a means to sound the alarm against this advancing brown tide.

In order to accomplish that, this website will serve three primary functions:

One, it will spotlight the growing crime, corruption, and moral decay that multiculturalism, race-mixing, affirmative action, Third World immigration, Cultural Marxism, and our present political leaders are responsible for, by the dissemination of knowledge through the growing use of the media.

Two, this website will provide an in-depth examination of Euro-American groups and organizations, their goals and objectives, and whether or not their methods and tactics in regard to awakening white Americans have been effective or counter-productive.

And, three, this website will offer its own vision for America’s futurea future in which our nation’s cities are reborn into safe, clean, and technologically-advanced environments–environments that will ensure the preservation and prosperity of America’s traditional Euro-American people for endless generations to come. Once achieved, our Race can once again gaze skyward to the heavens, where our Destiny will lead us onward to the colonization of Mars, then beyond to the worlds of nearby star systems.

A grand vision, true, and on that will take enormous courage and effort to achieve. But then, we Euro-Americans built the greatest nation on Earth, did we not? We–and we alone–have boldly challenged the Stars above. That is why we must preserve our unique Race with every effort possible, so that our children and our children’s children will one day enjoy a future of limitless promise and glory.

So come, join our quest. Lend us your strength, lend us your talent, lend us your heart, lend us your unwavering dedication.